Swim Lessons – Phoenix

Our School in Your Pool

KIDTASTICS™ offers convenient private, semi-private and group lessons at your home or one of our outdoor pools.  We do not offer indoor lessons.

Every class has a philosophy that safety comes first, which results in children and parents learning water safety rules and responsibilities. We want your family to be
safe in and around the water.

What We Do What We Offer

Ages 6 months – 12 years

30 or 45 minute lessons

Monday -Thursday 8am – 7pm

1-on-1 lessons (up to 4 kids)

Parent and Tot classes

Aquatic survival skills

Proper Stroke Technique

Lessons for kids with autism

By your family joining forces with Swim FinsAZ, together we can teach your children the benefits of exercise and fitness, life skills, such as self-discipline, sportsmanship, self-esteem and confidence.

Build your child’s self-esteem by making them a confident and safe swimmer!


Summer Program 2018


Get Swim Lessons for your Child in 5 Easy Steps

STEP 1- Pick the outdoor pool location of your choice
We offer several locations for lessons; all pools are heated to at least 86 degrees:

• Your Phoenix valley home, community or apartment pool- if heated at least to 86 degrees (check out our enrollment form to see if we service your zip code)

Windgate Ranch Community Pool- 10095 E. Windgate Ranch Road, Scottsdale, 85255 (Bell/Loop 101) *Clients assemble groups

Fireside Desert Ridge Community Pool – 3819 Ember Glow Way, Phoenix, 85050 (Tatum/Deer Valley)

STEP 2- PICK A SEMESTER for 2018 = eight classes.

Lessons held Monday – Thursday. Each Semester is two weeks.

#1: June 4th – June 14th
#2: June 18th – June 28th
#3: July 9th – July 19th
#4: July 23th- Aug. 2nd
#5: Aug. 6th – Aug. 16th
*No classes held July 2nd – July 6th

Call our office for custom schedules prior to and after our semester dates above, thank you.

STEP 3- Pick the type of lesson best for your child

Pricing below is per child fee.

– Private Swim Lesson (1 child)
• 30 Minutes – $400
• 45 Minutes – $450
– Semi-Private Swim Lesson (2 children)
• 30 Minutes – $200
• 45 Minutes – $250
– Group Swim Lesson- Group of 3-4 Children:
• 30 Minutes – $150
• 45 Minutes – $200



• The pricing above is per child and covers the entire swimming semester (8 lessons in 2 weeks)

•$50 fee is applied to the above cost if a Kidtastics’ Owner (Heidi Neuman or Laurie Ball) is instructing the swim lesson.

•  A $30 gas fee per semester is applicable if you are more than 10 miles from Kidtastics™ address.

• Customers are responsible for find partners for semi-private and group lessons, however call to inquire about our waiting list.

STEP 4- Pick the time of day for your 8 lessons

• Lessons of 30 or 45 minutes are held Monday – Thursday from 8am – 7pm

STEP 5-Call to Schedule or Complete a Swim Enrollment form to get Registered
480-994-KIDS (5437)
8485 E. McDonald Dr. #243
Scottsdale, AZ 85250


Registration Forms:
PHOENIX VALLEYPrintable Phx Program Info.

Phx Form:  PHX Swim Enrollment Form Printable

PHX Online Submission of Swim Enrollment Form: Click Here  


FIRESIDE DESERT RIDGEPrintable Fireside Program Info.

Fireside Form: Fireside D.R. Swim Enrollment Form Printable

Fireside D. R. Online Submission of Swim Enrollment Form:  Click Here


TUCSONPrintable Tucson Program Info.

Tucson Form: Tucson Swim Enrollment Form Printable

Tucson Online Submission of Swim Enrollment Form:  Click Here

Swimming Levels and Skills

Swimming Levels and Skills

Swim FinsAZ has multiple skill levels that your child will progress through.

Levels are listed below:
• Tadpole: (6 to 18 months)
• Sea Horse: (15 to 24 months)
• Goldfish: (2-12 years)
• Clownfish: (2-12 years)
• Angelfish: (2-12 years)
• Flying Fish: (2-12 years)
• Dolphin: (2-12 years)
• Seal: (2-12 years) Program Completed!

Download: Detailed Progress Report & Skill Levels

Progression of skills includes, but not limited to: Child’s comfort in water, blowing bubbles, water submersion, turning over, back float, roll-over breathing, gliding, stroke technique, entering and exiting the pool, and enforcement of ALL safety rules.

Registration & Enrollment Form

Swimming Lesson Registration & Enrollment Form

Are you ready to make your child a confident swimmer?

Completing the enrollment form and mail it to: 8485 E. McDonald Dr. #243 Scottsdale, AZ 85250 or fax to 1-888-628-4617.  Please complete the payment information on the form (cc info required) or mail it in with a check.

Call 480-994-5437 to complete the scheduling of your child’s swim semester or with any questions.

Summer 2018 Swim Enrollment Form:

Phoenix Valley Swim Enrollment Form

Fireside Desert Ridge Swim Enrollment Form

Tucson Swim Enrollment Form

Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Swim Program

1. How do I register for swim?
Call Kidtastics 480-994-5437, email sofun@kidtastics.com or complete the enrollment form and return it to Kidtastics via email or fax. Kidtastics will contact you to confirm your semester and time at least one week prior to the scheduled start date.

What policies do I need to be aware of?

Please have your children prepared to enter the water ten minutes prior to their scheduled start time. Instructor will be entering the water with your child at their start time. Parents, please be aware that we require there be no distractions from you the parent, animals, siblings, friends, neighbors, etc… to guarantee your child receives the best swim lesson possible. Parents will be allowed to come outside and view the last five minutes of each lesson.

How old does my child need to be when they start swimming lessons?
They need to be at least 6 months old.

How long of session do you suggest for my child?
• 6 months – 2 ½ years old recommended time is 30 minutes.
• At 2 ½ the parent can decide if they think their child has the attention span for a longer lesson.
• 3+ years the lesson is 45 minutes.

What kind of things will my child be learning in their lessons?
Water safety skills, pool rules, survival skills, stroke technique, and safe ways to enter and exit the pool.

Why are the summer program semesters 2 weeks long with 4 classes a week?
This is an accelerated class style that is designed to help children retain the information by repeating it daily rather than once a week.

Are the prices that are listed per lesson?
The price listed for our summer program is the cost for the entire semester per child. The semester includes 8 lessons in a two week period.  A $30 fee will automatically be added to your payment if you live 10 or more miles away from Kidtastics office address.

Are there make up days for classes missed?
No refunds are given for missed classes. The only make up days we have are for weather related cancellations or if a cancellations was made by Kidtastics staff. It is the pool owner’s responsibility to keep the pool clean and in working order if the instructor needs to cancel class due to an unclean pool no make-up class will be allowed.  A $15 gas fee will be charged if an exception is made for a make-up by the Kidtastics office.

What happens if I need to cancel?
Cancellation by an individual will result in a 75% refund until 48 hours prior to the start of the semester or lessons. No refunds are given after the semester starts.

What is the 411 on ear infections?
There are things you can do to help prevent them, such as, using products designed for prevention that can be purchased at a local drug store. This will help the first kind of ear infections caused by moisture being trapped in the outer ear canal. The second kind of ear infection is buildup in the middle ear which requires doctors attention.  Most children can swim after 48 hours of being on ear medication, but check with your provider.

Can children swim with tubes in their ears?
Yes, but we advise you speak with your physician first before doing so. Children with tubes may experience discomfort while floating on their back due to the way the tubes are built.

What is the required attire?
Children should wear swim suits, sunscreen and a swim diaper is required for all children under age 3, even those who are potty trained. Please have your child ready to enter the water ten minutes prior to the start of their lesson.

Do you allow goggles during swim class?
We do not suggest the use of goggle because we do not want the child to become dependent on the use of them. Also in the case of an emergency you want to have them react to the emergency of falling in to the water versus panicking about water being in their eyes.

What is the deciding factor between 30 and 45 minute lessons?
There are many deciding factors such as: amount of children, expectations of lessons, age of children, and prior swimming experience.

If children are on different levels of swimming do you suggest them be in a different swim group?
An instructor can try to customize to accommodate both skill levels but if it doesn’t seem to be productive for both children than we would suggest to split the time between the students. i.e. in a 30 minute lesson one student gets 15 and then the other would get 15.

Do you provide a group for the lessons or do we have to put it together?
In all instances the client is responsible to get the group together unless it is for our Fireside location.

Are classes held on holidays?
Classes do not meet on holidays, please discuss with your instructor about any possible holidays.

What should my child wear to swim class?
Children should wear swim suits, sunscreen and swim diapers are required for all children under age 3, even those who are potty trained. Please have your child ready to enter the water ten minutes prior to the start of their lesson.

Do you take photos or videos of my child during swim class?
Yes, Kidtastics will occasionally take photos/ videos of your child for promotional reason. Your consent is required on our enrollment form.

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