Parent Observation

Kidtastics has a no-parent-in-the-classroom policy for EVERY class. We cannot allow parents to watch our classes for many reasons addressed below:

  1. Safety: A child who knows that their parent is watching them in the room tends to want to wander over to them consistently. This is dangerous because a child may be practicing a trick and the child whose parent is in the room may walk in front of them and get kicked, hit, knocked over, etc. We want to prevent as many injuries as possible.
  2. Safety: Having many people crowd the room, can turn into an emergency hazard. We need to make sure if there was an emergency that we can get every child out of the room in a calm and safe manner. This also includes blocking hallways.
  3. Distraction: At Kidtastics we strongly believe that we want every child to get the most out of every class. With parent’s sitting in the room children tend to not pay attention as well or let alone participate. We will be holding a parent view day at the end of every semester (Fall parent view days are held in December and Spring parent view days are held in May). Please note parent view days are only held at the end of the entire semester. The only exception to this is at the City of Scottsdale classes, parent view day will be held every 6 weeks.

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