Why Kidtastics?

Because teaching children is our passion. Take a look at what other parents have to say about us:

“I am so glad I found Kidtastics and the swim Fins Program! I have been so impressed with you and the program. I knew in my heart the minute I saw Addison take her first bath as a newborn in the hospital (she was just a few hours old) that she was a water baby. I wanted to nurture that talent of hers as soon as possible. I am so glad I enrolled her with Kidtastics for the first semester of 2010 and then in a following semester. She loves the water and you! You have taught her so much, and I am so proud of her. Thank you for your patience and valuable lessons you have taught Addison. Swim lessons and safety are priceless in general and especially in Arizona. I am confident that Addison (when she’s 1 yr and 10 mos) will be swimming the length of the pool next summer when I enroll her with Kidtastics. You have been great and I have already told all I know with kids about Kidtastics (even my pediatrician). Thanks so much Kidtastics.”



“Mrs. Heidi:  Just wanted to let you know that you did such a fantastic job with the kids at our preschool…you can tell that you really enjoy being around children and you are going to be an awesome mom!

The children looked so cute doing their tap dance and it shows that they enjoyed your class and being with you also!

Thanks again for helping Giavanna learn how to do some ballet and tap…it was fun to watch (with the exception of my little one screaming)!!!

P.S.  We look forward to seeing you this summer for swim lessons :)”

-JoAnn Giardino


“The instructors are really good and they keep safety in mind. Overall the class is fun.”

– Simi Basu


“Heidi is great with the kids. The exercises the class does are a lot of fun. My daughter loves it!”

– Ann Thomas-Ho


“Miss Heidi and classes are kept light and fun! My daughter loves learning to dance!”

– Elise Hepner


“Convenient, good one on one attention!”

– Liesel Cooper


“My daughter is learning coordination, balance, and gymnastics!”

– Marion Hebert


“The teachers and convenience.”

– Jill Moro


“Close, convenient, super fun! My daughter loves it. Good variety of class activities.”

– Amanda Honey


“Small class size and location at the school!”

– Krista & Doug Robinson


“My kids are learning and having fun!”

– Derek & Gaby Harris


“Everything! Ms. Heidi is so good with the kids.”

– Kim McGroarty


“The enjoyment my child receives learning new dance steps.”

– Kim Isaak


“Available at school, good intro to gymnastics, good at teaching terms (pike), seems to flow well, and keeps kids interested.”

– Janel Chantler


“Fun, non-competative, age appropriate.”

– Linda Stevenson


“The instructors and the program. My girls love it.”

– Tammy Davis


“Small classes, great teachers, kids have lots of fun.”

– Amanda Honey


“It is really neat for the kids to try new skills and have fun at the same time.”

– Kelly Gill

“All of it! Convenience of having it at her school.”

– Kathryn Smith


“Structure, confidence building. Teachers have been great interacting with both child and parents.”

– Brian Zuckerberg


“Convenient location and laid back.”

– Stacey Molina


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