iPads for Autism


Recently, partner and swim supervisor of Kidtastics, Laurie Ball, went to California for a training conference (“Swimming with Autism”) to learn how to teach swim to children with autism. The certification Laurie Ball received has helped her and her staff to develop and create an effective program specifically designed for autistic children. Communication skills, behavioral strategies and teaching aids are the 3 core skills taught at the conference. Kidtastics needs your help to complete our special program. We are asking for donations to help us purchase much needed iPad’s to aid swim instructors working with students with autism.

The key to a successful learning environment for children with autism is using the proper visual supporters, such as, iPads, photos, schedules, peg boards and timers. The iPad lets children with autism have direct control over the interface and empowers the child to communicate. Kidtastics plans on using the funds donated to purchase two iPad’s, waterproof cases and swim schedule applications to help the learning process for our students.

You can help Kidtastics by giving any monetary amount to our fundraiser. Your gift will help several Phoenix valley families who need their autistic child to be a safe in and around water. We will keep you updated on our fundraiser and even send you success stories after we are effectively using the iPads for swim lessons. The great thing is the iPad can also be used as a visual aid for swim lessons for students without autism and continuing education for our other wonderful programs. Kidtastics is striving to improve our programs, but we need your financial help.

Donations will also be used towards our new “Scholarship” program. Some of the funds will be moved over to help families in need prepare their children to be Water Safe Kids.

Update as of 3/1/13-  We had enough donations to purchase 1 ipod and are super excited to use it this summer for our lessons with autistic children.  Thanks for your wonderful donation.

Donate today and help Kidtastics empower children. Thank you.

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